24-cup Mini Muffin Pan

100% Pure Food-Grade Silicone. No Fillers.

  • OvenArt silicone bakeware is safer than metal bakeware treated with popular non-stick coatings containing PFOA. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a chemical labeled a toxic carcinogen by the EPA.
  • Premium quality OvenArt silicone does not contain bulk plastic fillers like cheaper alternatives.

Scrub-Free, Easy To Clean

  • OvenArt’s unique high-gloss finish makes the baking surface non-porous for added non-stick properties. This helps you save time and energy by avoiding the frustrations of food sticking to your pan. Muffins easily pop out of the pan and clean-up is a breeze.
  • Simply season your OvenArt pan before first use with a light coating of cooking spray or oil for optimal lifetime performance.

No Need For Muffin Cups Or Cupcake Liners

  • Never buy disposable muffin cups again! Save money and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

Superior Materials Exceeds All European and FDA Safety Standards

  • OvenArt silicone bakeware is made with the highest quality materials and complies with European and FDA health and food safety standards
  • OvenArt is used by professional and commercial chefs in the U.S. and Europe. Experience the OvenArt difference today.

Our Simple Promise

When you start using OvenArt Bakeware, rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. We look forward to hearing your positive experience with OvenArt Bakeware. Choose OvenArt and expect predictable, consistent, and delicious results every time!